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  • Crime update - Tokai - a message for the community from the Exco25th November 2014

    Tokai is now experiencing an increase in housebreak activity, also thefts from vehicles. 

    In the first 3 weeks of there have been 8 reported incidents of which have been in the past week. Many of the incidents have  been forced entry into garages and mostly at night. Items stolen have included bikes, tools and lawnmower. 

    The fast reaction by one resident and the quick response by SAPS resulted in an arrest and recovery of the bike. 

    Members must be extra vigilant and also check on the effectiveness of the locking mechanisms on garages and outbuildings. If these are not alarmed then maybe it is time to consider such additional security. 

    There has also been an increase in the number of break-ins to vehicles on streets and driveways, also in the car parks along Orpen Road and the cyclists parking area behind the Tokai Manor House. Again, extra vigilance and care is called for. Leaving attractive items visible in parked vehicles is “looking for trouble”! 

    Also please report ALL incidents of break-ins to TNCW and SAPS so we are aware of the extent and nature of crime incidents in our suburb.

  • Arrest17th November 2014

    Incident Type: Arrest
    Date and Time: 2014/11/16 09:30:00 AM
    Location:  CONSTANTIA AREA

    At 08h20 on Sunday, a young resident and gardener were out on their porch, when they noted 4 suspects, b/males, armed with knives coming towards them. They screamed and ran to lock themselves into the home. Even the neighbours heard the screams, so suspects ran off. Nothing stolen, no injuries. ADT immediately alerted CVIC (Constantia Valley Information Centre), from where the incident was broadcast over the community radio.  
    Responders including Constantia Watch SRT, SAPS and volunteer patrollers searched the area. Assistance was enlisted from the SANParks special reaction teams who assisted in searching the mountain area.  
    At 09h05 a lady resident out for her morning stroll in the Michael Storer/Duckitt area, had a sixth sense feeling. When she looked behind herself, she saw 4 b/males following her. Realising that there were no builders around on a Sunday, and having received the sms alert re the above, she quickened her pace. Once around the corner she ran, then stopped to see if they were still following her. When they turned the corner, they ran towards her. She sprinted off, simultaneously calling the CVIC controllers alerting them that she thought she was in trouble. The alert was put out on the community radio. She managed to run to safety at the Church in Parish. In the meantime responders converged on the area.  
    A volunteer patroller with a SAPS member saw the suspects in the park area off Pinehurst. As they chased the suspects alerting all, 2 managed to climb the wall of a property in Sebastian, while 2 were apprehended. Whilst these 2 were being detained, another SAPS member in the area noticed suspects running through a property in Sebastian. Alerting all on the radio, what followed was nothing short of a magnificent display of team work. SAPS vehicles from Diepriver, Kirstenhof, Wynberg, CW SRT, 4 ADT vehicles, Chubb, 8 volunteer patrol vehicles, and 11 members from SANParks converged on the area, completely cordoning off the block.  
    After searching gardens, following the suspects from property to property, the remaining 2 were detained after being found in a garden in Pinehurst. All 4 suspects were arrested and transported to Wynberg SAPS where they were profiled, case dockets opened and more. It appears that the suspects were from Hout Bay, and when HOUT Bay SAPS were alerted to the arrests and provided with the suspects details, they whooped for joy. These suspects are allegedly on their most wanted radar. 
    The Constantia Watch Ops team will be working very closely with SAPS detectives, and providing all assistance as required to establish links to other house robberies and burglaries over the past 18 months.  
    A special word of thanks to our volunteer patrollers, many of whom came from the BKM area, all SAPS members, ADT officers, and especially the response units from SANParks. 

    This is TEAM WORK and the unbridled power of a community radio used to galvanise all participating responders.

    With thanks to BKM Watch for article.



    At 02H30 this morning, Our senior armed response officer was visiting fellow officers who were on duty in the Kalk Bay and St. James area. While driving in Main Rd Kalk Bay, our officer noticed a suspicious vehicle driving slowly with its lights off. Our officer overtook this vehicle and got a good look at the driver. Our officer drove to the stop/go intersection before Muizenberg, with the intention of getting a better look at the driver and the vehicle. A Muizenberg SAPS vehicle was at the stop/ go, waiting to proceed. Our officer informed them of this vehicle. When this suspect vehicle arrived, our officer had switched on his emergency lights. Suspect sped off and a dangerous high speed chase ensued. The suspect endangered himself as well as other road users in an attempt to escape from our officer and SAPS. His vehicle was eventually brought to a standstill in the Retreat area, after he drove into the SAPS vehicle. Our officer removed the suspect from his vehicle while SAPS members covered him. Suspect resisted and tried to put up a fight. He was violently taken down and contained, near to his home. His home was searched by SAPS members. Two other foreign nationals were inside the dwelling. An intact rhino horn was found inside the premises. None of the suspects had any identification on them and we suspect that they are illegally in the country. The driver of the vehicle that sped off is employed in Kalk Bay at a restaurant. Good training, The right mind set and a passion to serve and protect are the elements which our officer displayed, which resulted in this arrest. Well done Lazeros. Thank you to Muizenberg SAPS for once again assisting us. We are proud of you.

    Thanks to KCW for this article

  • Arrest4th November 2014

    Date and Time: 2014/11/04 04:00:00 AM 

    Highly successful arrests after TEAM WORK between SAPS, security companies and Constantia Watch SRT.             
    This all started when a tow truck driver alerted the CVIC (Constantia Valley Information Centre) to a suspicious vehicle parked on the M3. SAPS responded, and whilst testing the vehicle registration, the 4 suspects took off at high speed. A prolonged car chase started ending only after the suspect vehicle had crashed through the boom gates at Tokai Forest and the Range then crashed into a fence. The suspects, 3 males and a female escaped on foot into the forest area. SAPS Dog Unit was called, but the rain made tracking difficult for the dogs. The vehicle was then searched, tested and found to have been stolen a few days ago during a House Robbery in Cape Town.             
    A huge combined effort between SAPS Diepriver, SAPS Kirstenhof, ADT and Constantia Watch SRT continued to search the surrounding area. No suspects were found. It was then decided to leave the area, but to remain in close proximity to wait for the suspects to show themselves.            
    2 hours later, an alert ADT response officer noticed the 4 suspects matching the descriptions, all very wet from hiding in the rain. They were a very long way from the crash site. SAPS responded, guided in by the community radio, and the 4 suspects were all arrested, and taken to SAPS for further investigations.         
    The recovered stolen vehicle was taken to the SAPS yard for fingerprint processing and other investigative procedures.          
    Controllers at CVIC are reviewing all available footage to provide detectives with more information.  
    Thanks to BKM watch for report.

  • Message from Community Police Forum10th October 2014

    Pre-Christmas Gift List – Free from our community!


    ·        Blackberry cellphone

    ·        Clothing

    ·        CD’s

    ·        Cellphone charger

    ·        Computer hard-drive

    ·        Front loader

    ·        Horse saddle

    ·        Gym clothing

    ·        iPad

    ·        Laptop

    ·        Laptop bag

    ·        LG cellphone

    ·        Rugby boots

    ·        Running shoes

    ·        Sunglasses

    ·        Tweeters


    The above is a list of items taken from vehicles that were broken into in the Kirstenhof precinct in the past month and reported to SAPS Kirstenhof. 

    Is it not amazing that such items were left (no doubt visible) and just waiting to be stolen? 

    More care =  less temptation = less loss!

    CommunityPoliceForum – SAPS Kirstenhof

    Building  a  safer community  through  partnerships


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