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  • Ladies Mile drop-off facility to close at the end of September28th August 2015

    The City of Cape Town would like to advise residents that the Ladies Mile drop-off facility will be closing permanently on 30 September 2015. This is to make way for a successful land restitution claim, and the land is to be handed to the Regional Land Claims Commissioner.

    Residents in the area can make use of the nearby Retreat, Wynberg, or Hout Bay drop-off facilities, or the Coastal Park landfill site in Zeekoeivlei after this date.

    Once closed, decommissioning of the site will begin in strict adherence to the closure licence. An environmental consultant will perform tests on and assessments of the site, after which they will advise as to what will be required to rehabilitate the land which occupies an area of roughly a hectare. Based on the requirements laid out by the environmental consultants, the City will look to appoint a contractor to perform the rehabilitation. The environmental consultant will be appointed within a few months and it is envisaged that their assessment and recommendations will be complete by February or March next year. Thereafter, the rehabilitation contractor will be appointed and rehabilitation is expected to be completed before the end of 2016.

    ‘For 40 years, the land has been put to use in various ways. In its current incarnation as a drop-off facility, over the past five years, the site has provided residents with a facility that allows them to practise safe and legal waste management,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Councillor Ernest Sonnenberg.

    Ladies Mile staff will be redeployed to assist at the Wynberg and Hout Bay facilities as we are anticipating increased demand at these facilities for the period following the closure and until such time as a replacement site is secured.

    ‘We have the capacity at the other sites to absorb the initial transfer of goods from Ladies Mile for the moment. We are, however, looking at other sites in the area to replace it. The Retreat facility is currently in the process of being expanded and we are also applying to develop a site on Prince George Drive.

    ‘We appeal to residents to continue their responsible habits in making use of other existing drop-off facilities, as they have done with Ladies Mile. These sites form a crucial part of the infrastructure network that allows for safe, legal and effective waste management,’ said Councillor Sonnenberg.

    Because drop-off facilities accept a variety of waste materials that are not appropriate for disposal in a standard household refuse wheelie bin, they should eliminate any cause for residents to dump waste illegally.

    ‘We appreciate that this change will present a period of inconvenience and ask that residents please bear with us during the period of decommissioning,’ said Councillor Sonnenberg.

    Residents will be advised of the closure by means of leaflets distributed at the facility, a banner on site, and notices placed in local newspapers.

    The Hout Bay, Wynberg, and Retreat facilities all accept motor oil, garage waste, builders’ rub ble, clean garden waste, paper and cardboard, Tetrapak, cans and metal, glass bottles, plastic, polystyrene, and E-Waste (electronic waste). Coastal Park accepts all of the above, except E-Waste. 

    Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

    Media enquiries: Councillor Ernest Sonnenberg, Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 400 1303 or Cell: 083 261 9105, E-mail: (please always copy

  • Winter electricity saving ideas from the City of Cape Town5th August 2015

    Winter electricity saving ideas from the City of Cape Town

    For most households winter can be expensive, especially with rising electricity tariffs, as extra electricity is used for heating. To help with saving, residents can download the new Winter Saving leaflet and find many no-cost, low-cost and invest-to-save actions at

    Energy and Climate Change Unit Environmental Resource Management Department - City of Cape Town

  • General Warning – possible prankster in area1st April 2015

    General Warning – possible prankster in area 

    We have received reports of a personable lady knocking on doors asking for money. She says her name is Roxanne and living/house-sitting at No.# Rossouw Close.  She said she has no money as her husband has her cards etc. /her husband left a few minutes before accidently taking her bank card with him and she needs to get to Stellenbosch urgently. Wanted petrol money urgently, but said she would return it later in the evening.

    Reported as well dressed in black tights and black and grey top, is tall with long hair tied in pony tail. 

    If anyone should see a lady matching this description and she happens to have a vehicle or drive off in one, please try and obtain the registration number and make and colour of vehicle and email into




    In the interest of public safety as well as for the protection of the environmental integrity of the Silvermine and Tokai sections of Table Mountain National Park, park management decided that these two areas will remain closed to the public until further notice.
    TMNP management understands that users are eager to access these areas, however they remain very sensitive and unsafe, and public use of these areas are off limits due to:
    • Smouldering and burning vegetation still needs to be extinguished and flare ups will occur as stumps and roots burn.
    • Standing trees that have been burnt or damaged by the fire are extremely dangerous as they continue to come down in the area.
    • Recently burnt veld (as well as adjacent areas) is hazardous as the fire will have burnt roots underground and foot falls may cause serious injuries.
    • Unstable slopes may result in rock falls
    • Winds and rain may exacerbate the danger with respect to falling trees, branches, rock falls and mudslides
    • Hazardous clear-felling operations of the burnt plantation trees are underway by Cape Pine
    • Disturbance to surviving animals
    • Burnt areas are sen sitive as windblown seeds can be damaged and the first emerging plants can be killed by accidental trampling
    • Disturbance to sensitive erodible soils

    The closure of the burnt areas will be continually assessed and reopening will only be considered once all safety and environmental issues have been addressed. For some areas this may take between six to twenty four months.
    TMNP management and staff would like to assure the public that their focus is to secure the areas for the public’s safety and to as quickly as possible rehabilitate the affected sites for future use.
    Please assist us by being patient and please remain out of all burnt areas while Mother Nature heals herself.

    Public Relations Officer: Table Mountain National Park
    South African National Parks

  • Working on Fire Helicopter Pilot Killed9th March 2015

    Statement from the Minister of Environmental Affairs with regard to the death of a Working on Fire pilot.


    It is with great sadness that we must announce that one of the Working on Fire helicopters which has been active in the Cape Town fires, has made a forced landing and that the pilot of the helicopter, Mr Hendrik Willem Marais, was killed in the accident.
    The helicopter was part of a team of two helicopters and a spotter plane on their way to fight a fire in the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

    I wish to express the Government’s and my personal condolences to the pilot’s wife, Mrs Jackie Marais, family, friends and his colleagues in the Working on Fire programme.

    We have all become starkly aware of the tremendous dedication and skills these pilots display in the fires that ravaged the Cape Peninsula over the past week. Were it not for their and their fire-fighter counterparts on the ground, Cape Town would have experienced far greater damage and losses of property, and risks to lives.

    Mr Marais was one of the pilots lauded for the exceptional work over the past week, when over 2,000 “drops” were made (each of about 1,100 litres) on the fire that started near Muizenberg, and spread to Noordhoek, Hout Bay, Tokai and Constantia.

    The cause of the accident is being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority, and further details will be made known, once available.

    As a nation, we salute the bravery and service of these dedicated fire-fighters, and mourn the loss of Mr Marais in the course of duty.

    Ms Edna Molewa, M.P.

    Minister of Environment Affairs


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