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Be the eyes and ears of the area.

Helping make our area a safer place is just a few clicks away.
Joining the Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch keeps you in the loop about local issues, such as crime, safety, and community events.
As a free service, we can email crime alerts and community news right to your inbox, and you can choose both what to receive and the frequency at which you wish to receive it, so why not join now and keep informed!
The more cases that are opened, the more resources are allocated to our stations.
  • Welcome to Kerry and Rob!!15th September 2017

    Some good news!!

    It gives me great pleasure to welcome Kerry Hoffman to the TNCW Committee. Kerry will head up the PR/Communications portfolio. Kerry is long time Tokai resident and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this portfolio. You will hear more from Kerry in the coming weeks.

    We also welcome Rob van Niekerk to the position of Patrols Manager. Rob will be driving the need to get us out to patrol more in the Tokai suburb so to try and reduce the crime in the area. For this to be effect the TNCW needs your support to patrol.

    Please contact Rob via email or just reply to this email to get involved, have refresher patrol training or if you are a newbie and would like to get involved.

    We all need to do our bit to combat crime, please get involved in any small way.

    Let us get out and patrol!!

    Warm regards
    Your Chairman

  • Thank you for donation of Smartphone12th August 2017

    It gives me pleasure to extend the thanks of the TNCW committee to a Tokai resident for the donation of an Apple Smartphone after the appeal went out to the Tokai community.

    To our Tokai resident, your support and dedication in assisting the TNCW in combating crime is greatly appreciated. this smartphone will be used to manage our TNCW social media applications by the TNCW Social Manager.

    Many thanks.

    Your Chairman




  • Funding request for our Tokai Camera Solution - Positive Crime Deterrant!7th August 2017

    The camera system in Tokai is now just over five years old. It has served us extremely well during this period and continues to do so. The TNCW Camera Steering Committee are now needing to replace many of these “old” devices as they are not 1 00% functional and are proving expensive to maintain. We would also like to replace one of the original servers that runs the system and is now outdated.

    In addition, we would like to increase the number of cameras in and around Tokai, as they are proving to be a great asset in crime prevention, follow-up after a crime has been committed and of assistance to SAPS in their investigations.

    One of the areas that we are looking at is in Dennendal West. [However, we need the residents of this area to fund these local cameras, so please speak to your neighbours and let’s get this area covered]. Other areas are on the perimeter of the Tokai Forest and the green belts.

    The TNCW Camera Steering Committee is therefore appealing to Tokai residents and businesses for funding. We need to raise a minimum amount of around R280,000 to achieve our objectives. Our funding requests since 2012 have raised more than R375,000. Our total TNCW camera expense to date is just over R590,000.

    We are requesting all households to consider a payment of R600 towards the TNCW Camera Fund. If, however, this is not possible, please rest assured that any and all amounts will be gratefully accepted. If you can donate more, this will be very welcome. If you own a local business and would like to contribute, this will also be most welcome.

    Please pay into: Standard Bank Blue Route,
    Branch code: 025609
    Account no. 076654923
    Please add your Surname, Street Name and Number and "camera" as a reference

    Many thanks
    Your TNCW Camera Steering Committee

  • General Warning – possible prankster in area1st April 2015

    General Warning – possible prankster in area 

    We have received reports of a personable lady knocking on doors asking for money. She says her name is Roxanne and living/house-sitting at No.# Rossouw Close.  She said she has no money as her husband has her cards etc. /her husband left a few minutes before accidently taking her bank card with him and she needs to get to Stellenbosch urgently. Wanted petrol money urgently, but said she would return it later in the evening.

    Reported as well dressed in black tights and black and grey top, is tall with long hair tied in pony tail. 

    If anyone should see a lady matching this description and she happens to have a vehicle or drive off in one, please try and obtain the registration number and make and colour of vehicle and email into




    In the interest of public safety as well as for the protection of the environmental integrity of the Silvermine and Tokai sections of Table Mountain National Park, park management decided that these two areas will remain closed to the public until further notice.
    TMNP management understands that users are eager to access these areas, however they remain very sensitive and unsafe, and public use of these areas are off limits due to:
    • Smouldering and burning vegetation still needs to be extinguished and flare ups will occur as stumps and roots burn.
    • Standing trees that have been burnt or damaged by the fire are extremely dangerous as they continue to come down in the area.
    • Recently burnt veld (as well as adjacent areas) is hazardous as the fire will have burnt roots underground and foot falls may cause serious injuries.
    • Unstable slopes may result in rock falls
    • Winds and rain may exacerbate the danger with respect to falling trees, branches, rock falls and mudslides
    • Hazardous clear-felling operations of the burnt plantation trees are underway by Cape Pine
    • Disturbance to surviving animals
    • Burnt areas are sen sitive as windblown seeds can be damaged and the first emerging plants can be killed by accidental trampling
    • Disturbance to sensitive erodible soils

    The closure of the burnt areas will be continually assessed and reopening will only be considered once all safety and environmental issues have been addressed. For some areas this may take between six to twenty four months.
    TMNP management and staff would like to assure the public that their focus is to secure the areas for the public’s safety and to as quickly as possible rehabilitate the affected sites for future use.
    Please assist us by being patient and please remain out of all burnt areas while Mother Nature heals herself.

    Public Relations Officer: Table Mountain National Park
    South African National Parks

Recent Incidents

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Banking Details of TNCW

Annual TNCW Subscriptions (R200 for year 2017)

Please pay into: Standard Bank Blue Route,
Branch code: 025609
Account no. 076654923

Please add your Surname, Street Name and Number as a reference.
Lost & Found

Red Wallet Found

Last seen Highlands Avenue property on 11th November 2017

2 brown wallets and a handbag

Last seen Tokai Road on 9th September 2017

Found - bunch of keys

Last seen Highlands Ave on 8th August 2017

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