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Be the eyes and ears of the area.

Helping make our area a safer place is just a few clicks away.
Joining the Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch keeps you in the loop about local issues, such as crime, safety, and community events.
As a free service, we can email crime alerts and community news right to your inbox, and you can choose both what to receive and the frequency at which you wish to receive it, so why not join now and keep informed!
The more cases that are opened, the more resources are allocated to our stations.
  • Patrick Yeadon24th November 2022

    With deep sadness we tell you that we lost our friend, colleague and fellow patroller to a heart attack yesterday. Patrick Yeadon was a quiet workhorse, always time for a chat, always time for the community. He was always level headed and reasonable and he will be missed by many. Our hearts go out to Liz and the close family. Sincere condolences from the TNCW Executive team. T40 out

  • CRIME WATCH ALERT26th August 2022

    There has been a noticeable increase in crime in Tokai. Incidents seem to burglary and theft from vehicles. It would appear one person is operating in the 05.00-06.30 (morning) time period. This person seems adept at moving through properties with ease and not triggering alarms. On a few occasions dogs have alerted the residents to a person on the property. 

    There has also been an increase in vehicle break-in's in in the Dennedal West forest parking area 

    As always, we urge residents to register with a local service provider, ensure vehicles are locked 9double check by manually trying to open the door after locking). At home, switch on outside alarms and ensure the house and gates are locked at night. Only leave windows with buglar bars open. Be ready to press the alarm panic button if you suspect an intruder on the property. Know where the panic buttons are. Outside sensor lights are a useful deterrent. 

    Please remember to call Constantia Valley Information Centre (CVIC or Control) for crimes / incidents in progress.  0860002669

    This message is not to alarm, mereley to ask all to be aware and alert. But do remember that "your safety and security is your responsibilty"

    Please report any incidents, tresspassing etc - no matter how small you may feel it is to incidents@tncw. It is vital for us to track movement of perpetrators at night




  • REMOTE JAMMING8th June 2022


    Vehicle Remote Jamming: Criminals can block or jam the locking signals of remote locking devices of vehicles. Most remote controls work with radio waves that use allocated radio frequencies which are vulnerable and exploited by criminals. Automated gate or garage remote controls are mainly used to jam the signal sent by a car remote control, which is pressed in close proximity when parking and locking your vehicle.

    Using a remote device to block or jam the locking device to motor vehicles has sadly become an everyday occurrence in South Africa. Remote jamming is unfortunately excluded by insurers across the country for vehicles or claims for property stolen from vehicles.

    In order to avoid becoming a victim of this crime a few simple steps can be followed:

    Most important rule :

    • Make sure your vehicle is locked by physically checking the doors a few seconds after locking it with the remote.
    • Do not turn your back on your vehicle and press the remote while walking away.
    • Be aware of the surroundings at all times and take note of suspicious persons or activity in and around the parking area
    • Report suspicious activity to relevant authority(SAPS/Security/Neighbourhood Watches)
    • Never leave valuable items in your vehicles especially where visible.
    • Ensure the boot is locked.

  • Incident Reporting17th January 2022

    Please report all crime incidents to the Neighbourhood Watch. The TNCW measures the crime levels and study crime trends to inform the neighbourhood, so it is important that the TNCW is informed of all crime incidents. Please be mindful that not everyone in Tokai is aware of the Neighbourhood Watch, so if you know of a crime, no matter how big or small, please ask the victims to inform the TNCW.

    Please report all crime related incidents at Kirstenhof Police Station as well as to the TNCW at email


    Please report to TNCW even if you feel it is not necessary to report to SAPS. We see from our cameras that there is plenty of night time walkers and it is important that we can track what they are up to.

    When reporting an incident to the email please include the following :

    • What happened
    • where it happened
    • what time it happened
    • contact details 
    • any injuries
    • how they gained entry to the property
    • how you knew there was a problem
    • what was taken
    • any description of perpatrators (videos etc)
    • who responded to the incident - service provders, SAPS , TNCW patrollers etc
    • SAPS Case no

  • Security teams that watch over us28th October 2021

    On Wednesday morning (27Oct2021) the Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch together with SAPS, Premier, BH Security and Fidelity ADT conducted a coordinated patrol in the Tokai area. It was rewarding to witness first hand how these teams have the residents best interest at heart. These guys and girls are out at all hours of the day and night and it was a privilege working with them. It’s never a simple job, there is always humanitarian consideration and there is danger at every turn. The watches of the Constantia Valley have pulled together to fight crime and through coordinated effort it’s making a difference. Thank you to all the teams, front line and support, that watch over us.



Recent Incidents

Robbery - Common 16th November 2022 05:00

Robbery - Common 8th November 2022 05:20

Vandalism 26th October 2022 06:00

Suspicous & Wanted Persons
    Banking Details of TNCW

    Annual TNCW voluntary subscriptions (R350 from 01Jan2023)

    Please pay into: Standard Bank Blue Route, 

    Branch code: 051001
    Account no. 076654923

    Please add your Surname, Street Name and Number as a reference.


    Lost & Found

    Lost: small pink purse

    Last seen Van der Poll / Dalmore / Bootleggers on 25th November 2022

    Found: Remote

    Last seen Brocker Park on 23rd November 2022

    Lost: Grey remote with a single button.

    Last seen Tokai Forest, lower plantation on 12th November 2022

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