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Be the eyes and ears of the area.

Helping make our area a safer place is just a few clicks away.
Joining the Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch keeps you in the loop about local issues, such as crime, safety, and community events.
As a free service, we can email crime alerts and community news right to your inbox, and you can choose both what to receive and the frequency at which you wish to receive it, so why not join now and keep informed!
The more cases that are opened, the more resources are allocated to our stations.
  • Feedback from the TNCW AGM - Need to fill Vacancies!!23rd March 2018

    Many thanks to all the residents that attended the 29th TNCW AGM held on Thursday, 22nd March 2018. Your support is greatly appreciated. I am sure that all that were present will agree that it was a great evening!

    Your TNCW committee for 2018 compromises the following residents;

    Chairman – Ian Basset
    Treasurer – Liz Newdigate
    PR & Communications – Doreen Pears
    Incident Manager – Ria Verhoef
    Website – Graham Tait
    Social Media – Laura Lee Burford
    Zone J Manager – Gabby Athiros

    We are still looking for volunteers to join the TNCW team to fill vacant committee positions.

    It is vital that we fill these positions so to ensure that the TNCW is effective in combating crime.

    As I mentioned at the AGM, if a position is not filled an existing committee can unfortunately not pick up the extra work load. We in the TNCW are basically then not at full strength and will not be 100% effective in trying to combat crime in Tokai. We need to fill these vacant positions please.

    Please consider volunteering for one of these positions.
    - Secretary
    - Operations Manager
    - Street co-ordinators
    - Zone Managers for the following zones;

    • ZONE A
    • ZONE B
    • ZONE C
    • ZONE D
    • ZONE E
    • ZONE F
    • ZONE G
    • ZONE H

    Please consider getting involved with this great bunch of volunteers on the TNCW committee. You will be trained in the role you accept in order to get you up to speed, it is not a daunting experience. Please contact any of the committee members or reply to this email and we will get in contact with you.

    Warm regards
    Ian Basset

  • TROLLEY BIN PEOPLE 24th February 2009

    Dear Tokian,
    We have received a number of emails responding to our message on the special operation last Wednesday morning.
    To those of you who have taken to trouble to write to us, thank you, we really do appreciate you taking the trouble to give us feedback. If OK we will not respond to you individually but know that we are grateful to you.
    Many of comments covered the placing of trolley bins out the night before. Comments like "I leave home at 06h00 so no option but to put the bin out early", "collection time is erratic from 07h00 to 10h00" etc, etc.
    We understand this but all we ask is that the bin be placed out on the Wednesday morning even if it is at 05h30 or 06h00, BUT NOT ON TUESDAY NIGHTS.
    We are going to try to do regular Wednesday morning patrols from 05h30 to 08h00 to let the TBP know that we are alert.
    We will be on the road again tomorrow morning.
    This will hopefully discourage the bad element from coming into our neighbourhood under the guise of TBP.
    It is not rocket science, the more we are out there, the more alert we are, the more we look out for each other, the more we understand the structures, the more successful we will be.
    We deserve to live in an environment free of crime.
    See you at the AGM. Thursday 5th March at the Range. 19h30. Be there.


  • TNCW Golf Day 23rd February 2009

    Friday, 15th May - Westlake Golf Course - Tee off times from 11h23

    There are a few more slots available in our golf day.
    We have had requests from Ernie and The Goose to play but they don't live in Tokai so we turned them down.
    HOWEVER we have a surprise for you. Those of you who have played in corporate golf days may have seen someone like Dale Hayes demonstrating his skill and playing trick shots etc. We have Ray "Boom Boom" Sanger aka "Tiger" who has agreed to give us a demonstration. I do not wish to spoil it for you but one of his trick shots is to address a teed up ball with a driver, pretend to miss it 3 or 4 times and then hit the top of the ball and make it bounce along the ground for about 5 meters. Ray, being the person that he is, will not accept payment.
    If you have entered and I have not acknowledged your entry please resend. This might have happened from mid to end December.
    I will have acknowledged the rest.
    We will start working on the 4 balls and tee off times as soon as the AGM [5 March at the Range] is behind us.

Banking Details of TNCW

Annual TNCW Subscriptions (R220 for year 2018)

Please pay into: Standard Bank Blue Route,
Branch code: 025609
Account no. 076654923

Please add your Surname, Street Name and Number as a reference.
Lost & Found

Found - sunglasses

Last seen Tokai lower plantation on 29th April 2018

Items found in fynbos (Tokai park)

Last seen Tokai park, fynbos area on 29th April 2018

BMW Key found

Last seen Steenberg estate on 11th April 2018

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